Vandals strike at historic buildings in Grimsby’s St James’ Square

Vandals have targeted a hotel in Grimsby in what is described as a “sad attack”.

The St James House and St James Hotel, located on the historic St James Square site, had windows damaged by vandals on Sunday night.

Humberside Police said they would organize additional patrols in the area after the unrest.

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The hotel, owned by the Corus hotel group, plays a vital role in the heart of downtown Grimsby and this is another unnecessary criminal act that could have been avoided.

Damage to St James’s house

It has only been months since vandals damaged trees in St James’ Square.

The hotel appears to have repaired the majority of the windows, but there are still obvious signs of where the damage was done.

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: ‘Officers were called to report unrest in St James Square, Grimsby at 6 p.m. on Monday 13 September.

“When they arrived, a group of young people dispersed. We will conduct regular patrols in the area.

“Anyone who witnesses antisocial behavior is urged to contact us on our non-urgent number 101, or call 999 if there is a crime in progress.”

How awful

A witness believes the perpetrators of the attack are part of a gang.

They said, “The young people get together and throw stones at the windows. It’s really selfish and silly and it’s really sad.

The St James hotel has been approached for comments.

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