Ronald Koeman admits ‘difference in quality’ between Barcelona and Bayern Munich

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman admitted his side were unable to match Bayern Munich after suffering a 3-1 loss to the Bundesliga giants in their first group game of the Champions League at Camp Nou.

The visitors dominated Tuesday night in front of the Catalan crowd, leading Koeman to admit his squad’s lack of depth and quality.

“There were only three forwards available,” Koeman said after the game. “Tactically, there were times when we were in control. Bayern’s game is in the middle third and you have to complete [the gaps] the.

“That’s what he is at the moment. I can’t complain about the attitude, but there is a difference in quality.

“[Bayern are] a team that as a group have been together for a long time and also have a bench that has improved.

“We have a lot of young players who will be better in two or three years. It’s very difficult to accept, but you have to wait for things to improve and the players to recover from their injuries.

“That’s what it is, we have to spend a few weeks like this because later on we’re going to have players like [Sergio] Aguero, [Ousmane] Dembele and Ansu Fati back.

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