Notre Dame football remains unbeaten, defeats Purdue with big second half

It wasn’t particularly pretty. It wasn’t perfect. But it wasn’t a Purdue victory either.

The number 12 of Notre-Dame welcomed the Boilermakers on Saturday in front of a crowd close to 74,341 people at the Notre-Dame stadium. If fans, mostly dressed in Irish green, came to see an offensive explosion from Notre Dame, well, they weren’t getting their money’s worth.

But if they came to see the Fighting Irish improve to 3-0 by dominating defensively for long periods of play, then the price of admission was certainly worth it.

Notre Dame defeated Purdue 27-13 in the intrastate’s first meeting since 2014. It was the Irishman’s sixth straight win over the Boilermakers (2-1) and head coach. Brian kelly attached Knute Rockneprogram record for all-time wins (105).

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It did not come easily. Purdue took a 3-0 lead early on, and that’s where the score was at the end of the first quarter. Notre Dame only managed 11 offensive yards in his first 10 games. The offensive line, playing with the left tackle of the third string Tosh Baker due to injuries, did not hold up well for the first 15 minutes.

Apart from a 10-play, 32-yard basket practice, the Notre-Dame defense did it.

Purdue kicked and returned the ball on the downs on his next two strokes in the first quarter. The Boilermakers were forced to kick on their first three records of the second half. Their fourth ended at halftime. Senior defensive end Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa and junior linebacker JD Bertrand both had tackles for third down losses in the second quarter.

For the third time in as many games at the start of the season, Bertrand led Notre-Dame in total tackles. He was 12. Junior security Kyle hamilton, who landed a key tackle for the loss in the fourth and runs in the first quarter, had 10.

Notre-Dame football comes out of the tunnel.

Notre-Dame football comes out of the tunnel. (Angela Driskell)

Notre Dame’s offense only had one field goal and a 39-yard touchdown by the senior graduating quarterback Jack Coan to the junior running back Kyren williams in the fourth and short to show its difficulties in the first half, but the Irish opened it a little in the second.

Coan connected with the senior wide receiver on a 62-yard touchdown pass down midfield early in the third quarter. The score gave Notre Dame their biggest lead of the day at that point – 17-6 with 9:59 to go in the third.

The Boilermakers responded with a touchdown less than three minutes later. A 31-yard run from a running back King Doerue and a 32-yard reception from the junior wide receiver David Bell put Purdue in the red zone, and he capitalized with a two-yard junior quarterback touchdown pass Jack plummer to the junior wide receiver Milton wright.

Leading 20-13 with just over six minutes to go, Notre Dame needed a long, long practice that resulted in points or a quick strike to take a two touchdown lead. He got the latter.

Williams scolded 51 yards to the end zone on the first play of the drive, smashing tackles and missing defenders on the way. Notre Dame was leading 27-13 with 6:05 to go after her second score of the day.

backup quarterback Aidan O’Connell and Purdue did their best to make the game interesting in the long run. The Boilermakers had 64 yards in 13 plays thanks to O’Connell, but it was all to nothing. Hamilton knocked out Plummer in the end zone with 2:34 left.

Both quarters ended the day with modest numbers. Coan scored 15 of 31 for 223 yards and two touchdowns. Plummer was 25 of 366 for 187 yards and a touchdown before being replaced by O’Connell. Notre Dame gained 343 total yards. Purdue totaled 348.

Rating summary

First shift

Purdue 3, Notre-Dame 0

• Scoring game: Mitchell fineran 35 yard field goal

• Drive: 10 plays, 32 yards, 3:41

Second quarter

Notre-Dame 7, Purdue 3

• Scoring game: Jack Coan from 39 yards to Kyren williams

• Drive: five plays, 66 yards, 2:14

Notre-Dame 10, Purdue 3

• Scoring game: Jonathan doerer 28 yard field goal

• Drive: 10 plays, 48 ​​yards, 3:13

Third quarter

Notre-Dame 10, Purdue 6

• Goal play: 34-yard Fineran field goal

• Drive: nine sets, 50 yards, 3:48

Notre-Dame 17, Purdue 6

• Scoring game: passing 62 yards from Coan to Avery davis

• Drive: three plays, 75 yards, 1:07

Notre-Dame 17, Purdue 13

• Scoring game: Jack plummer goes from 2 yards to Milton wright

• Drive: Six plays, 75 yards, 2:51

Fourth trimester

Notre-Dame 20, Purdue 13

• Scoring game: Doerer 30-meter field goal

• Drive: 11 plays, 65 yards, 5:16

Notre-Dame 27, Purdue 13

• Scoring game: Williams’ 51-yard run

• Drive: 1 set, 51 yards, 0:11


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