MICT Subsidiary Magpie Securities Launches First Product, Magpie Invest – a Mobile-Based Stock Trading App – in Hong Kong

Magpie Invest is a Proprietary platform and technology which offers shares of gglobal Exchanges, Real time Market dataa, and analytical

MONTVALE, NJ, September 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MICT, Inc. (Nasdaq: MICT), (the “Company”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Magpie Securities, today announced the launch of Magpie Invest, its mobile equity trading application. The Magpie Invest trading app will be available to investors in Hong Kong and is licensed by Hong Kong SFC, China’s top financial market.

The Magpie Invest Trading app is a proprietary platform and technology built by MICT that provides clients with access to more financial markets, a wider range of stocks, more market data, improved analytics, insights in the market and an attractive user experience.

“From the moment we merged with Global Fintech Holdings we promised our shareholders that we would provide cutting edge fintech solutions to the Asian market, today we have delivered that promise at one point. We injected nearly half a billion Hong Kong dollars into the launch of Magpie Securities, a leading SFC-regulated securities firm, which launches its first product, the mobile trading app, Magpie Invest. We chose the Hong Kong market to launch ourselves because it is the number one financial center in Asia, with very sophisticated retail investors, ”said Darren Mercer, CEO of MICT. “Magpie Invest provides Hong Kong investors with free real-time market data and information and enables its users to trade on stock exchanges around the world. The launch of Magpie Invest in Hong Kong is just the start of realizing the company’s business plan as we now aim to gain regulatory approval in many jurisdictions for investors around the world to use the trading application.

About MICT, Inc.

MICT is a global Nasdaq listed fintech company founded in 2002. It has three trading platforms operating in several high growth markets: an insurance brokerage platform, a commodities platform and now a trading platform. ‘stocks, Magpie Securities, with the launch of the Magpie Invest trading app. Thereafter, the launch of Magpie Securities will be announced later in September.

MICT, Inc. (Nasdaq: MICT) operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, GFH Intermediate Holdings Ltd (“GFHI”), various wholly owned subsidiaries of GFHI or VIE structures. GFHI’s versatile proprietary trading technology platform is designed to serve a large number of high growth industries in the global fintech space. The main areas of interest include online brokerage for equity trading and the sale of insurance products in several foreign high growth markets, including Asia.

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