Labour challenges Tory MPs to call for Universal Credit cut to be axed

Labor will challenge Tory MPs to ‘do the right thing’ and back a vote calling on the government to drop its plan to cut universal credit.

Ministers have come under sustained pressure to reverse the decision to end the £ 20 increase introduced to support families during the coronavirus pandemic.

In an Opposition Day debate on Wednesday (September 15), Labor will call on Tory MPs who oppose cuts in welfare benefits to vote with them in a non-binding motion.

He calls on the government to reverse the planned cut which will cut family support to £ 1,040 per year.

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Reynolds said: ‘Today Labor is giving Tory MPs a chance to do the right thing.

“They have to choose between their blind loyalty to the Prime Minister and taking care of their constituents. “

Ministers defended ending the increase, which will be phased out from the end of the month, saying it was only ever designed to be a temporary response to the pandemic.

Action for Children policy and campaign director Imran Hussain said the reduction “will see hundreds of thousands more children become eclipsed by poverty and hardship.”

A government spokesperson said: “Universal credit will continue to provide a vital safety net for those who work and those who do not and it is right that the government focus on our plan for jobs, helping people returning to work and helping those already employed to progress. and earn more.

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