Joe Biden called Donald Trump a f***ing a**hole over man ‘toys’ and giant TV screens he added to the White House

US President Joe Biden’s debut in the White House was marked by discoveries of what his predecessor left in the presidential palace, giving the Democratic leader nasty surprises and a bad mood.

These details of Mr. Biden’s early days as president were mentioned in Danger, a new book by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

The book claimed that Mr. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, spent his time in the White House surrounded by “toys,” including a giant video screen.

“Trump’s existence permeated the White House, even the residence. One night Biden wandered into a room where a huge video screen covered the wall, ”said an excerpt from the book obtained by ABC News.

Mr. Trump used the screen to download programs so he could play virtually on the world’s most famous golf courses.

After taking over as head of the White House, Mr. Biden once inspected “toys” purchased by Mr. Trump. “What is ****** a ******,” Mr. Biden reportedly said.

The president was also uncomfortable when he moved into the White House, according to the book. The isolation caused by the presidential residence was particularly impacting for Mr Biden, who had to move away from his grandchildren.

“It was loneliness. Cold. The virus made social events impossible, at least initially, ”the authors of the book wrote, explaining that Mr. Biden preferred to relax with his grandchildren in Delaware.

Mr. Biden also called the White House “the tomb” and compared it to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

This was a departure from how Mr. Trump adjusted during his time in the White House. He customized the official accommodation according to his needs, according to other media.

Mr Trump had added two more televisions in addition to the one already in his bedroom and requested that personal locks be installed on his bedroom door, according to a report from Marie Claire magazine.

Mr Trump and his wife Melania also had separate dorms, becoming the only presidential couple to have done so after the Kennedys.

In addition to the changes introduced to residential neighborhoods, Mr. Trump also revamped the Oval Office by introducing sofas from former President George W Bush’s tenure, curtains from Bill Clinton’s tenure and changing the wallpaper, according to the report. .

The Trumps also treated the staff at the White House residence as a “24-hour concierge,” according to another report from the New Yorker magazine.

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