Iconic works by British street artist Banksy on display at Tver City Museum near Moscow

Eight iconic works by British street artist Banksy, including a sculpture from the provocative 2015 pop-up exhibition Dismaland, were on display in a museum in Russia.

The exhibition at the museum and exhibition center in the city of Tver in northwest Moscow also includes a signed print of “Love is in the air”, one of Banksy’s most famous images, which presents a masked man ready to throw a bouquet of flowers to the sky.

The works of the artist from Bristol, England, whose real name and identity have been kept secret for 30 years, are now selling for millions of euros at auction.

The record was broken earlier this year when a work honoring the UK health service, ‘Game Changer’, was sold for £ 16.8million (€ 19.6million) at Christie’s in London.

Elizaveta Maksimova of the museum told reporters: “There are certificates for the exhibits that prove they are genuine and signed by Banksy.

“A work is unique, it is a sculpture that came to us first. The stone was bought from Dismaland; it’s a Disneyland upside down.

Dismaland was a deliberately miserable parody of the Disney theme parks that the public could visit in the resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England.

The project was concealed at closing and parts of it were sold. Wood and items from the ‘amusement park’, which also featured a model boat full of refugees, were sent to Calais to be reused as shelters for asylum seekers.

Banksy has a company called Pest Control which authenticates genuine works due to the high prevalence of signed copies and fake prints.

Apart from “the emperor of street art” himself, said Maksimova, the exhibition is “dedicated to street art, to contemporary artists … With this exhibition we want to show modern street art as it is. is today”.

The exhibition also features works by Katherine Vinogradov from London, Liu Wei from Beijing, Vf from Moscow and the Dobro group from Saint Petersburg. It opened on Tuesday and will run until October 17.

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