Germany election nightmare: Putin joy at shock poll graph – Moscow facing closer ties? | World | News

If the left were to win a place in a new coalition government, it is likely that its pro-Russian agenda would be up for discussion.

Mr Schirdewan told EURACTIV: “It is no secret that Die Linke has always been in favor of a diplomatic approach when it comes to Russia, which means that we must not operate in a confrontational manner, that we should not impose sanctions, but seek to resolve conflicts. through diplomacy.

He added that his priority would be to respond to “the most urgent needs of German society”, including climate change, the digital transition, the German healthcare system and the increase in the minimum wage.

Mr Scholz’s SPD currently votes 25 percent against 21 percent for the CDU and 16 percent for the Greens. But Merkel warned voters against supporting her successor’s rival, because of the coalition he may need to form.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Berlin, she said there was a “huge difference for the future of Germany” between Scholz and herself.

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