Dr Hilary addresses fears over Covid vaccine for children causing myocarditis

Dr Hilary Jones has stepped in to address fears that children are receiving the Covid-19 vaccine due to a risk of heart inflammation, known as myocarditis.

From next week, children aged 12 to 15 will be offered a dose of vaccination against Covid.

And if a parent does not give consent for their child to receive the jab, the youngster can revoke it if they are deemed competent enough to do so.

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The issue sparked an argument on Good Morning Britain as presenter Susanna Reid clashed with Daily Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire over the idea of ​​children being vaccinated.

Kevin Maguire said: “I think any vaccinated parent if they don’t have their child vaccinated should look at themselves in the mirror.”

But Susanna said parents are in a difficult position and no parent wants to see their child in danger, PlymouthLive reports.

She stressed that parents need to assess options for their child to be vaccinated to help society at large against the risk of their child getting myocarditis.

Susanna said: “We were told that overall the reason getting a dose is of a marginal health benefit is that the risk of serious illness for a child who contracts Covid is so minimal, so what’s the equivalent figure for a child who contracts myocarditis in this age group? “

Dr Hilary Jones spoke about the health risks of children of having the Covid vaccine

Dr Hilary Jones then intervened. Saying “The risk of Covid-19 causing myocarditis is much greater. If they contract Covid-19, their risk is about four times greater than the vaccine.”

Susanna then said, “For a parent, speaking of their child, let’s put aside the broader benefits to society. No parent wants to see their child have a heart problem, no matter how mild you say it will be.

“No parent wants to put their child at this risk. So if you say that in fact, on a balance of probabilities, if your child does contract Covid, they are four times more likely to have this heart problem than if they are has the vaccine which is going to be a compelling reason for a parent to want their child to receive this vaccine. “

Dr Hilary told the panel that vaccinations are always a matter of risk versus benefit, which is why informed consent is always an important factor.

The discussion comes as the UK’s Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) have recommended that all young people between the ages of 12 and 15 be offered the vaccine “for public health reasons”.

This despite the fact that the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI) said that while there was an overall benefit to children’s health, it was only marginal.

But the chief medical officers of health offered different advice because they looked at the broader benefits for children’s schooling as well as their health.

Professor Chris Whitty told a Downing Street press conference they found “powerful evidence” of the disruption in children’s education since 2020.

The four British CMOs sent a letter to Health Secretary Sajid Javid saying all young people between the ages of 12 and 15 should be offered the Covid-19 vaccination.

They found that mass vaccination of over 12s will ‘likely’ reduce outbreaks of Covid in schools – thus reducing the chances of disrupted learning, which harms children in and of themselves.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been approved as safe for ages 12 to 15 by the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) due to data from other countries on vaccines given in this age group , the Mirror said.

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Government scientists have approved the use of Pfizer jabs for gifting to children in England.

They looked at data on an extremely rare side effect called myocarditis, which causes inflammation of the heart muscle, reducing its ability to pump blood.

Although the disease may result in short periods of observation in the hospital, followed by generally rapid recoveries, the JCVI concluded that the medium and long-term results are still uncertain and that a longer follow-up time is needed. to get a clearer picture.

However, UK CMOs – Professor Chris Whitty in England, Dr Frank Atherton in Wales, Dr Michael McBride in Northern Ireland and Dr Gregor Smith in Scotland – have said myocarditis can also be caused. by Covid-19 and resolves in most cases.

They looked at an article from the United States, which found that young men with Covid are up to six times more likely to develop myocarditis than those who received the vaccine.

The side effect is also described as “very rare” and the majority of cases detected so far have recovered after contracting the disease.

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