Burnley vs Arsenal: Supporters clash after Martin Odegaard wins points for Gunners | Football News

The Football Association will investigate the unrest between Burnley and Arsenal fans after the final whistle in Saturday’s Premier League game at Turf Moor.

Stewards had to step in to separate the two groups of fans at Barnfield’s construction stand, which is split between a home section and an away section.

The partisans goaded each other and there appeared to be missiles launched between the two sections, including plastic bottles.

The seats were also torn and damaged.

There were repeated calls from tannoy for fans to leave the area and calm returned after a few minutes.

Sky Sports News has contacted Burnley and Arsenal for comment.

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FREE TO WATCH: Highlights of Arsenal’s Premier League win over Burnley

Martin Odegaard’s free kick in the first half saw Arsenal secure their first away win of the season, leaving Burnley winless in their opening five games.

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