Brewers’ Yelich giving away 10K tickets for series vs. Cards

There are many ways for a star baseball player to show his fans that he is appreciated. Why not do it by giving away thousands of tickets for free?

That’s what Milwaukee Brewers slugger Christian Yelich is doing by buying 10,000 tickets to an upcoming home series against the St. Louis Cardinals and giving them away for free to fans.

“The fans are a big part of what we’ve accomplished this season,” Yelich said in a statement, via ESPN. “We want American Family Field to live up to this latest homestand. And we want to give back in a way that shows how much we all appreciate the enthusiasm and support of the best baseball fans.”

The Brew Crew is benefiting from the end of a very successful 2021 campaign, at the top of the NL Central ranking. Even with the Cards 13.5 games behind them in the division, their weekend streak in Milwaukee gives the Brewers an opportunity to officially clinch their playoff spot.

Tickets will be available to fans at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

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