BREAKING: Lanarkshire children rushed to hospital after unwittingly eating 50 joints worth of cannabis ‘sweets’

Two children from Lanarkshire primary school were rushed to hospital after accidentally eating “candy” containing cannabis.

The youngsters, aged nine and eight, found the unopened package at Fernhill in Rutherglen and believed it was a popular candy brand, Nerds.

However, it was actually psychoactive candy, which contains 600 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is roughly equivalent to smoking 50 cannabis joints.

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The candy wrappers are designed to resemble the products of the American candy maker Ferrara and their Nerds candy brand.

The mother of one of the children contacted Lanarkshire Live to alert other parents in the area of ​​the incident, as the candies were discovered near Kirkmuir Drive.

Nerd candy is popular with kids

She explained, “My son was playing with his friend and there was an unopened package of what they thought was Nerds candy just left on a wall there. I always told him not to pick things up, but you know what kids are like with candy.

“He and his friend ate them while playing. When they got home, his friend’s mother and I realized that there was something wrong. Both looked dumbfounded, their eyes were big and they laughed at everything I told my friend it was like they were stoned, but I never thought they really were.

“We had to take them to the hospital because they were getting worse. That’s when he mentioned that they found this candy. One of the nurses we spoke to said it wasn’t “was not the first case like this recently. Her friend had worse than him, she was crying in the hospital and was in bad shape.

“My son is still a little confused about this, and he doesn’t want to eat candy or anything like that because he’s afraid it will happen again.

“I’m still in shock that this happened because it’s not something I had heard of before, where they’re made to look like normal kid’s candy. I just want people to know that things like this can be found there. “

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One of the children had to stay in the hospital overnight after suffering a bad reaction.

A number of similar cases have been reported across the country in recent months, with children continually believing that the brightly colored packets are candy that can be purchased at a regular store.

Sarah Kittel, vice president of corporate affairs at Ferrara, the company that makes Nerds candy, said: “Companies that infuse our NERDS products with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and then sell that product in almost identical packaging to ours. our brand and creates a real risk to consumer safety.

“These products mimic a trusted brand, making it difficult to distinguish between an illegitimate THC-infused product and a legitimate candy.

“Ferrara, the maker of Nerds products, is in no way associated with these misleading products and wishes to reassure consumers that Nerds products found at major retailers are safe to consume.

“We continue to seek various means to limit – and eliminate – these products, including by cooperating with law enforcement, investigating dispensaries and other retail outlets selling these counterfeit products, and pursuing legal action. justice, where and when it is needed, to protect consumers. ”

Dr James Saldanha, Chief Medical Officer at Hairmyres University Hospital, said: “If you or a family member has a life-threatening emergency you should call 999.

“If you think you need to attend A&E but it doesn’t endanger your life, call NHS 24 on 111 day or night, where you will be directed to the correct NHS service. “

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